Routine Traffic Stops Leads to AK-47 Gun Battle, All Caught on Police Dashcam


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

One of the reasons many people try and cut police some slack with their fast reaction times to armed threats (such as our recent report of a controversial killing outside a wedding) is that deadly force can come their way at a moments notice.

A good example of this happened out of the blue in Northeast Ohio.

Dash cam video released from Middlefield Police shows a man shooting at police with an AK-47 rifle during a traffic stop.

Officers pulled over James Gilkerson, 42, of Mentor-on-the-Lake, on March 10 for simply running a stop sign. All is quiet for over a minute after the stop, while officers prepare to ticket him for the mundane moving violation.

That all changes in the blink of an eye, as Gilkerson suddenly takes his foot off the brake and jumps out of the car, firing his rifle right at police.

WATCH (Graphic violence warning):

Officers Erin Thomas and Brandon Savage were injured by gunfire. Thomas was hit in her shooting hand. Savage was able to fire back and strike Gilkerson.

Gilkerson then moves back toward his car and yells kill me while continuing to fire shots. Not your typical suicide by cop scenario, to say the least.

A report released by the Geauga County prosecutors office said Gilkerson fired 33 rounds at the officers. His gun had a 40-round magazine attached. Officer Savage fired 29 rounds killing Gilkerson.

Inside Gilkersons car, police found multiple loaded magazines and loads of ammunition, ski masks and gloves, military-style ammo cans, a scoped .22 caliber rifle, instructional DVDs and books such as Kitchen Approved Plastic Explosives, Advance Close-Range Gunfighting, Homemade Detonators and others.

The prosecutor ruled earlier this week that both officers acted in self defense and would not face any charges.