They Heard Strange Noises Coming From Under The Floor. What They Discovered Underneath… WOW!

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A staircase was being built in a neighbourhood in Russia. The staircase was under construction for some time and it created a danger for the locals. Consequently, these folks asked the construction company to complete it as quickly as possible. After 3 weeks, the project was finally completed and everyone was relieved that this potential danger was finally completed. But something went wrong.

At night, people began hearing a strange noise coming from underground near the staircase. Frightened that it might be someone trapped underneath the staircase, municipal services was called but nobody responded. So the locals started digging… I dont want to ruin anything lets just say that theres a happy ending an nobody was hurt!

LTC Allen Wests FIERY #StopIranRally Speech Obliterates Weakling Charlatan Obama (VIDEO)

Allen West BRINGS IT!

How dare Barack Obama, how dare John Kerry, how dare Valerie Jarrett, or any of these other charlatans that occupy Washington, D.C., surrender this great constitutional republic.

Partial transcript via Politichicks

What message are we sending when we sit down with a country that is holding four Americans hostage its no different than the last time when we had a weakling in the White House when we had 53 Americans being held hostage! What message do we send when we create this false narrative..that either we sign this piece of paper, that just the same meant nothing to Adolph Hitler, means nothing to the Ayatollahs, or the only alternative is to go to war. Well let me tell ya something: The United States of America is about victors. The United States of America is about champions. The United States of America does not surrender to a bunch of black-robed crazed clerics want to see us destroyed.

What does it say about us when we sit down and we sign an agreement with a country like Iran so that they can become an economic power? So that in five to eight years when the U.N. arms embargo is taken away they can become a military power? And then in ten to fifteen years, they will become a nuclear power. But yet we stand up and say were going to cut our United States Army by $40,000. We have the smallest Marine Corp since WWI, the smallest Navy since 1917. The smallest and the oldest Air Force since we created the modern Air Force. What message does President Obama send to these people over in Iran is not the message that was sent to bring 239 years ago at Lexington Green when we fired the shot that was heard around the world! What message does it say to radical Islamic terrorists when we have people that go and kill our unarmed men and women at recruiting stations…here in the United States of America and we cant figure out if the kid was depressed, if the kid was on drugswell hell no, he was daddgum terrorist, thats what he was!

Ladies and gentlemen, its not over. You being here sends a message that in the United States of America, I dont care who is occupying the White House, were not surrendering our liberty, our freedom, our way of life! I want President Barack Obama to know one thing: you may say youve done something that no one else has ever done. You know why no one else has ever done it? Because of the damned stupid thing that you just did. And if people are upset because of what Im saying, I really dont care because I had a father that stood in World War II. I have an older brother that stood and was wounded at Cason. I gave 22 years of my life to make sure that that great beacon of liberty, freedom, and democracy continues to stand…My commitment is to the oath that I took on 31 July 1982, to support and defend the constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic…Its not for anybodys historic event, its not for anyone to have some special exhibit in their presidential library. Its to make sure that the enemies of America and the enemies of Israel are crushed and brought to their knees!

The Obama/Iran Nuclear Deal is being lauded as historic…well… so was Obamas election in 2008 and look where that got us.

Learn more:
The Full Text of the Iran Deal:


  • We the People Have Had Enough… Thousands Demonstrate in Times Square Against Obama/Iran Nuke Deal

Murder Charge For S. Carolina Cop Who Shot Black Man 8 Times In Back

North Charlestons mayor announced a state murder charge against white policeman Michael Slager on Tuesday, after a video surfaced showing the officer shooting and killing an unarmed running black man in the back.

Slager, 33, had said earlier he feared for his life after Walter Scott, 50, took his stun gun during a scuffle after a traffic stop on Saturday. A video, however, shows the officer firing eight times at Scotts back as he fled, with the latter man apparently unarmed.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said at a Tuesday news conference that Slager had made a bad decision.

When youre wrong, youre wrong, Summey said, as reported by The Post and Courier, South Carolina. If you make a bad decision, [I] dont care if youre behind the shield or just a citizen on the street, you have to live by that decision.

The mayor said that the case could have ended differently if it werent for the footage.

Without the video … it would be difficult for us to ascertain exactly what did occur, Summey said. We want to thank the young person who came forward … because it has helped us resolve the issue.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the states criminal investigative body has begun an investigation into the shooting. The FBI and the Justice Department are also investigating. It is the 11th law enforcement-involved shooting in the state this year.

The tragic incident unfolded after Slager pulled Scott over during a routine traffic stop for a broken taillight, according to police reports. Scott ran away and Slager chased him into a grassy lot nearby. Slager said he fired his Taser, but it did not stop Scott, according to police reports.

The officers story is contradicted by the three-minute unedited, graphic video clip. It opens in the grassy lot with the police officer and Scott grabbing at each others hands.

The video appears to show Scott slapping at the officers hands as several objects fall to the ground. Slager said through his attorney that Scott had wrested the Taser from him during the struggle.

The black man is then seen running away. The officer draws his pistol and fires seven times in rapid succession. After a pause he fires an eighth shot.

Scotts back bows, then he falls to his knees and to the ground near a tree. Slager talks into his radio and then yells at the man lying on the ground, shouting Put your hands behind your back.

The video is jumpy and it is not clear if Scott is alive at this point. However, he is handcuffed as another policeman arrives. The backup officer lifts up Scotts shirt to check his wounds, but no one immediately administers CPR.

Scott was later pronounced dead at the scene.

The 50-year-old was engaged to be married and leaves behind four children. He apparently owed child support, with some family members believing that was the reason he tried to escape the officer. Scott had been arrested about 10 times, mostly for failing to pay child support or to show up for court hearings, according to the Post and Courier.

North Charleston Pastor Nelson Rivers, a vice president in the Reverend Al Sharptons National Action Network, called the cameraman a hero, according to the New York Times.

Rivers told the newspaper he was alarmed by the ease at which the police officer shot Scott, saying the officer seemed to show little about what life means and calling it sobering and evil.

If not for the video, we would still be following the narrative from the officer, Rivers told the newspaper. If not for this video, the story would be entirely different.

In light of the incident, local Councilwoman Dorothy Williams has asked all the citizens of North Charleston to continue taping.

Anthony Scott, the victims brother, told journalists on Tuesday it was important for the family that justice is served.

From the beginning, all we wanted was the truth… I think through the process weve seen the truth. We cant get my brother back, and my family is in deep mourning for that …but through the process, justice has been served, he said.

I dont think all police officers are bad cops, but there are some bad ones out there. I dont want to see anyone get shot down the way my brother got shot down, Scott added.


Supreme Court pick meets with Dems as GOP applies pressure

WASHINGTON — Republicans and conservative groups stepped up their campaign to secure confirmation of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee as the federal judge courted two Senate Democrats crucial to his winning a seat on the high court.

Judge Neil Gorsuch was scheduled to meet on Monday with California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Montana Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat running for re-election in a state that Trump won handily. Unlike some Senate Democrats who have already said they will oppose Trump’s nominee, both have said they will wait to decide.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said Trump’s nominee must be able to win support from 60 of the Senate’s 100 members. Republicans have a 52-48 majority, so Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will need the support of at least eight Democrats to confirm him easily. In an effort to win those votes, the Senate GOP’s campaign arm, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, is running three ads to pressure certain Democrats to vote for him.

Separate ads target Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly in their home states, asking voters to tell their senators to put state and country ahead of their party. Both are running for re-election next year in states won by Trump.

An ad airing in Washington says Democrats are playing politics with the nomination.

“Tell Democrats the election is over, the people decided,” the ad says.

The conservative group Judicial Crisis Network has pledged to spend $10 million to help confirm Gorsuch, and has already released $2 million in ads in Tester’s home state of Montana, Donnelly’s home state of Indiana, and also Missouri and North Dakota, additional states where Trump won and Senate Democrats are running for re-election.

One of the group’s ads features Jane Nitze, a former Obama administration lawyer who also clerked for Gorsuch.

“He will have a great deal of respect for folks on all sides of the ideological spectrum,” Nitze says in the ad.

As Republicans try to pressure Democrats to vote for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, they also face with questions about Trump’s tweets over the weekend criticizing a federal appeals court judge who suspended the president’s travel ban on refugees and travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

In tweets, Trump dismissed U.S. District Court Judge James Robart as a “so-called judge” and his decision “ridiculous.”

“We don’t have so-called judges,” Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

“We don’t have so-called senators. We don’t have so-called presidents. We have people from three different branches of government who take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution,” Sasse said.

Routine Traffic Stops Leads to AK-47 Gun Battle, All Caught on Police Dashcam


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

One of the reasons many people try and cut police some slack with their fast reaction times to armed threats (such as our recent report of a controversial killing outside a wedding) is that deadly force can come their way at a moments notice.

A good example of this happened out of the blue in Northeast Ohio.

Dash cam video released from Middlefield Police shows a man shooting at police with an AK-47 rifle during a traffic stop.

Officers pulled over James Gilkerson, 42, of Mentor-on-the-Lake, on March 10 for simply running a stop sign. All is quiet for over a minute after the stop, while officers prepare to ticket him for the mundane moving violation.

That all changes in the blink of an eye, as Gilkerson suddenly takes his foot off the brake and jumps out of the car, firing his rifle right at police.

WATCH (Graphic violence warning):

Officers Erin Thomas and Brandon Savage were injured by gunfire. Thomas was hit in her shooting hand. Savage was able to fire back and strike Gilkerson.

Gilkerson then moves back toward his car and yells kill me while continuing to fire shots. Not your typical suicide by cop scenario, to say the least.

A report released by the Geauga County prosecutors office said Gilkerson fired 33 rounds at the officers. His gun had a 40-round magazine attached. Officer Savage fired 29 rounds killing Gilkerson.

Inside Gilkersons car, police found multiple loaded magazines and loads of ammunition, ski masks and gloves, military-style ammo cans, a scoped .22 caliber rifle, instructional DVDs and books such as Kitchen Approved Plastic Explosives, Advance Close-Range Gunfighting, Homemade Detonators and others.

The prosecutor ruled earlier this week that both officers acted in self defense and would not face any charges.

Jane Austen and Facetime with Charlotte: Chelsea Clinton’s personal tales humanize her mother at DNC

Poised to become the first person in American history to have both parents serve as President of the United States, Chelsea Clinton delivered her much-anticipated introductory speech of her mother Hillary on the final night of the Democratic National Convention Thursday.

“I’m here as a proud American, a proud Democrat, a proud mother,” the only daughter of the former president and former secretary of state said. “A very, very proud daughter.”

“This November, I’m voting for a woman who is my role model as my mother and as an advocate,” Chelsea said of her mother.

Tasked with the daunting task of softening one of the most historically disliked presidential nominee’s in modern U.S. history, Chelsea used personal tales to humanize her mother.

Her mother, Chelsea said, will drop everything even on the campaign trail “for a few minutes of blowing kisses and reading ‘Chugga- Chugga Choo-Choo’ with her granddaughter.”

“Everyday I spend as Charlotte and Aidan’s mother, I think about my own mother – my wonderful, kind, thoughtful hilarious mother,” Chelsea continued.

“My earliest memory is my mom picking me up after I’d fallen down, giving me a big hug, and reading me ‘Goodnight Moon,’” Chelsea told the crowd. “From that moment to this one, every single memory I have with my mom is that regardless of what’s happening in her life, she was always, always there for me.”

“She left notes for me to open every day when I was gone,” Chelsea told the crowd. “I treasured each and every one of those notes. They were always a reminder that I was always in her thoughts and in her heart.”

“As a kid, I was kind of obsessed with dinosaurs,” Chelsea joked, adding that on Saturdays they loved “making up stories about what we’d ever do if we met a triceratops.”

“There’s something else my mother taught me: Public service is about service.”

“I loved that my parents expected me to have opinions and to be able to back them up with facts,” Clinton said. “I never once doubted that my parents cared about my thoughts and my ideas, and I always, always knew how deeply they loved me. That feeling of being valued and loved, that’s what my mom wants for every child.”

“I hope that someday my children will be as proud of me as I am of my mom.” Chelsea said to end her speech.

“And Mom, Grandma would be so, so proud of you tonight.”

Depopulation Test Run? 75% of Children Who Received Vaccines in Mexican Town Now Dead or Hospitalized

Despite the insidious attempts of the corporate-controlled U.S. media to censor the stories about the deadly side effects of vaccines, the truth keeps surfacing. The latest vaccine tragedy to strike has killed two babies in La Pimienta, Mexico and sent 37 more to the hospital with serious reactions to toxic vaccine additives. (Tweet this story)

…14 children are in serious condition, 22 are stable and one is in critical condition, the Chiapas Health Secretariat said in a statement via

Whats especially alarming is that only 52 children were vaccinated in all, meaning that 75% of those receiving the vaccines are now either dead or hospitalized.

The vaccines were administered by the Mexican Social Security Institute, known as IMSS. The IMSS confirmed the deadly reactions occurred after children received injections of vaccines for tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B the same viral strains targeted by vaccines routinely administered to children in the United States.

IMSS suspends vaccination pending further investigation

According to Fox News Latino, the IMSS has suspended the vaccines pending the outcome of an investigation into why so many children have been killed and hospitalized.

According to the entire mainstream media in the United States which is 100% controlled by corporate interests vaccines never harm anyone and are perfectly safe to inject into children in unlimited quantities. This dangerous, inhumane Vaccine Injury Denialism is rampant across the corporate-controlled media, which contributes to the deaths of innocent babies and children by refusing to acknowledge the truth that vaccines kill and injure children on a regular basis.

Just recently, in fact, the UK government agreed to pay $90 million to victims of the swine flu vaccine. That vaccine caused permanent brain damage to over 800 children across Europe. The truth is that vaccines regularly harm and even kill innocent children, most likely because of the toxic chemical adjuvants and preservatives they still contain.

As the CDC openly admits, vaccines are still intentionally formulated with mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde. Some vaccines even use ingredients derived from aborted human fetal tissue. Last year, a CDC scientist blew the whistle on the CDC committing scientific fraud to cover up links between vaccines and autism in young African-American males.

Test run for depopulation via vaccines?

As globalists now fully realize, vaccines are by far the best way to cull the human population because most people can be tricked into lining up and asking for them. Thus, theres no need to resort to all the difficulties used by the Nazis to commit genocide in World War II, involving complex logistics of railroad cars, gas chambers, construction of mass graves, prisoner tracking via IBM computing technology, and so on. (Yes, Nazi genocide and prisoner tracking was powered by early IBM computers. See IBM and the Holocaust, the strategic alliance between Nazi Germany and Americas most powerful corporation…)

As the vaccine industry has now come to realize, its so much easier to kill people when they voluntarily comply with the injections. Hence the aggressive media propaganda push to achieve absolute blind obedience to vaccines so that no one will ask questions when sterilization or euthanasia chemicals are used. Thats no doubt why vaccines have been routinely tested for depopulation programs via two primary methods:

# 1) Achieve covert sterilizations of targeted populations by combining sterilization chemicals with vaccines. (The slow kill.)

# 2) Directly kill vaccine recipients by intentionally lacing vaccines with euthanasia chemicals that cause death. (The fast kill.)

Method #1 has been repeatedly used throughout Africa, Mexico and South America to inflict sterilization upon targeted groups via immunization and vaccination programs. Just last year, in fact, I reported on the discovery of a covert depopulation vaccine program being run in Kenya:

Tetanus vaccines given to millions of young women in Kenya have been confirmed by laboratories to contain a sterilization chemical that causes miscarriages, reports the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, a pro-vaccine organization.

A whopping 2.3 million young girls and women are in the process of being given the vaccine, pushed by UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

We sent six samples from around Kenya to laboratories in South Africa. They tested positive for the HCG antigen, Dr. Muhame Ngare of the Mercy Medical Centre in Nairobi told LifeSiteNews. They were all laced with HCG.

Method #2 now appears to be under way in Mexico as 75% of those children injected with vaccines are now either dead or hospitalized.

Vaccine-induced depopulation was attempted in Mexico in 1974

As Truth Stream Media exhaustively documented, a depopulation exercise was run in Mexico in 1974, using vaccines as the cover story.

The scheme was dreamed up after the release of the National Security Study Memorandum 200 which highlighted the global population problem and urged governments to find ways to reduce the global population.

As explains:

Concentration on this problem of how to reduce the population was planned for 13 key countries, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia. Of those, the document singled out Mexico as having one of the highest (and therefore, most worrisome) growth rates of all. The document read, Perhaps the most significant population trend from the viewpoint of the United States is the prospect that Mexicos population will increase from 50 million in 1970 to over 130 million by the year 2000.

To combat this problem, medical spooks who were almost certainly U.S.-funded depopulation vaccine crews began injecting women all across Mexico with anti-fertility drugs disguised as vaccines. If you doubt this, read your history. The U.S. governments National Institutes of Health was caught red-handed running human medical experiments on prisoners in Guatemala. President Obama was even forced to publicly apologize in 2011 after the cover-up collapsed! There is nothing the Nazis did in the 1930s and 40s that the pharmaceutical industry wouldnt be willing to repeat today under the label of science.

But getting back to Mexico, as the covert depopulation vaccination program spread across Mexico City in 1974, locals began to catch on to the deception, and public resistance grew. As these newspaper clippings reveal, parents began hiding their children in their own homes to avoid them being injected with sterilization chemicals at the public schools. (California, by the way, also targets children at schools in order to avoid parents having the opportunity to say No!)

Mexico City Associated Press Rumors that persons disguised as inoculation teams were giving school children shots that sterilized them forced health authorities to suspend all vaccination drives today and to post police outside Mexico City schools. Thousands of parents stormed various schools in the Mexico City area Tuesday and took their children home.


Its also important to note that these sterilization vaccines were being administered essentially at gunpoint, as police were accompanying the vaccine crews:

Callers told newspapers and TV stations that the sterilization crews were protected by police escorts and that they included white-robed men and women who looked like foreigners.

This same scenario is now about to be replicated in California, by the way, where SB 277 would criminalize parents of children who are not vaccinated, essentially at gunpoint.

Whats even more interesting is that the exact same arguments we hear today about vaccine skeptics theyre punitively labeled anti-vaxxers or anti-science were also being used in Mexico in 1974. As the following newspaper clipping shows:

The Mexican Medical Association issued statements denying that any kind of inoculation could cause sterility… Officials said superstition and ignorance of preventive health [i.e. anti-science] were responsible for the widespread belief that the rumors were true.


In other words, even though sterilization teams were running around Mexico, injecting people with chemicals as part of a depopulation agenda, any person who pointed this out was immediately labeled anti-science and derided as ignorant.

Very little has changed in four decades, it seems: the same tactic is still used today, even while children are being killed or injured every single day due to the toxic ingredients used in vaccines.

CDCs intelligence operatives caught running disinfo campaigns

The science bullying behind vaccines also allows governments of the world to run sterilization and depopulation programs disguised as public health. Once the population is bullied into accepting vaccines without question blind obedience is now demanded almost everywhere governments can add any chemicals they want to those vaccines, including chemicals that cause permanent sterilization or even death.

The fact that all vaccine injuries are systematically denied to exist also means that any person harmed or killed by vaccines is immediately wiped from the national memory. Like a criminal mafia, the vaccine industry works hard to hide the bodies and thereby maintain its monopolistic racket on the utterly false premise that vaccines are 100% safe. To further drive home this extraordinary medical propaganda, the CDC uses intelligence operatives like Nurse Hickox who spread disinfo through the mainstream media, which is always happy to comply with the destructive agendas of the vaccine industry.

As Natural News uncovered during the Ebola scare of 2014:

Nurse Kaci Hickox, who has made headlines over the last few days by refusing to quarantine herself after returning from the Ebola front lines in Africa, turns out to have been trained as an intelligence officer under a two-year CDC program modeled after the U.S. military.

As you can see from the document below, Hickox graduated from a two-year CDC intelligence officer training program in 2012. This is the same nurse whose LinkedIn page was recently scrubbed to hide her ties to the CDC…

The official intelligence designation granted to Nurse Hickox by the CDC was Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer, and she is a graduate of the 2012 EIS program according to this CDC document (PDF). (See page 138 139 for her name and photo, or view photo below.)

That same year, the CDC graduated 81 such intelligence officers whose names and photos are also listed in the public document.


Bottom line? Dont trust the vaccine industry

Whats the takeaway realization from all this? Vaccines have been and will continue to be used as a cover for forced depopulation programs involving sterilization or euthanasia chemicals.

Obedience to vaccines allows depopulation teams accompanied by armed police to intimidate people into accepting any liquid they want to put in a syringe. That liquid might be a vaccine, or it might be a sterilization chemical or even a euthanasia chemical.

Any population that is indoctrinated into trusting the vaccine industry an industry steeped in repeated criminal activity combined with a total disregard for human life is ripe for being targeted for depopulation. (See Nigeria Issues Arrest Warrants for Top Pfizer Officials After Drug Experiments Conducted on Children.)

After all, why go through the trouble of building gas chambers and rounding people up for mass extermination when you can achieve the same result without any resistance at all if you simply label the chemicals vaccines?

(Click here for hi-res version of the graphic below.)



Stranger Tips Struggling Waiter $750 To Help Get Him Home To See His Family

On Sunday, Texas, US, resident Taryn Keith shared a heartwarming story of a random act of kindness that happened to her Irish boyfriend while he was at work.

Taryn’s boyfriend, Ben, is working in the US as a waiter trying to save up some money to get back to Ireland and see his family once his baby son, Killian, is born.


So Ben couldn’t believe it when he received the bill of a $122.87 meal from a customer who had overheard him talking about his money-saving plans.

The stranger had tipped him $750, and left a hand-written note reading: “Hopefully this can get you back to to Ireland for the holidays.”


Taryn posted a photo of the bill on Facebook, saying: “Thought I would share it to show everyone that there is not only hate out there.”

Reptilian Aliens Unmasked


They are among us. Blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids with only one objective in their cold-blooded little heads: to enslave the human race. They are our leaders, our corporate executives, our beloved Oscar-winning actors and Grammy-winning singers, and theyre responsible for the Holocaust, the Oklahoma City bombings and the 9/11 attacks. Well Maybe…

Who are the Reptilians and where are these Reptilian Aliens from? Reptilians some believe are from the Draco system and are also known as Reptoids or Lizard people. Reptilians have existed for millions of years and they are responsible for the creation of the Grey Aliens and their war mongering nature continues to challenge the supremacy of the Arcturian Aliens. Despite their inability to fight their greatest foe, Reptilians have managed to infiltrate Earth through deceit and lies and begin their attempt to take over this galaxy.

In our quest to answer the age-old question, Are We Alone?, weve been conditioned to search space for Aliens and E.T.s. This is a classical magicians distraction! Instead of looking for other-than-human intelligent life off our planet,we should instead be searching Earths many thousands of miles of underground tunnels, caverns and caves systems.

Scientists have recently updated their identified animal species list total to 1.2 million, and the predicted total species list to 8.7 million. That means that we have yet to encounter the other 86%; or majority, of life forms with which we share our tiny, blue dot floating through space.

Our underworld is where we will one day discover various species of Earth-evolved, intelligent beings that we have been mistakenly calling Aliens, and actual visiting E.T. bases of operations.

Author and lecturer David Icke is not the first to have mentioned Reptilian Aliens, he has been the one to pioneer the road to a better understanding of who Reptilians really are and why they continue to interact and influence earthly humans. From government control, to religious roots, Reptilians have been known for their secret agenda, and although, we do not have a clear picture of what their true intentions are we are able to gather from history the signs and traces of their past actions and influence with ancient human civilizations. Accounts from the Aztecs, Greeks and Chinese mythology and history leaves us clues as to an ancient race of aliens that perhaps helped and aided the building of our civilizations past and present.

Today, Reptilians are believed to have shape shifting abilities that enable them to secretly work their agenda. Some have found evidence that our political structure and economic system has already been influenced by these evil Reptilians. Cunning and crafty, they seduce the hearts and desires of mankind while plotting their agenda and slowly reeking havoc on our earthly world. David Icke has long stood against many political and social systems that may be compromised by the Reptilian Alien Agenda, and although, Reptilians continue to make their push against humanity, many believe that we have protectors from another constellation watching their every move and awaiting their chance to move against the Reptilian agenda.

Out of all the different types of aliens visiting Earth the Reptilians are by far the most dangerous to our very existence as humans. They have very little respect for us and want the Earth for themselves. Some say that the greys have been working against the Reptilians in order to help the human race but it is unclear why. They may have a similar agenda and just dont want the reptilians to acquire the Earth before them.


DARPAs Autonomous Microdrones Designed To Enter Houses


As drone expert, P.W. Singer said about microdrones, At this point, it doesnt really matter if you are against the technology, because its coming. According to Singer, The miniaturization of drones is where it really gets interesting. You can use these things anywhere, put them anyplace, and the target will never even know theyre being watched.

This has been the promise that the Air Force made quite clear in their video early last year about nanodrone tech that you can see below. According to the USAF, Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs), combined with the ability to harvest energy, will enable insect-sized drone swarms to be dropped from military aircraft to stay aloft for a prolonged amount of time, offering a host of functions, including assassination.

DARPA is now announcing a new wave of these microdrones under their Fast Lightweight Autonomy program. As the name indicates, they ideally would like humans to be completely removed from the control process.

DARPAs press release below clearly states overseas as the theater of operation, but it doesnt take much imagination to see how these microdrones could be applied in the U.S., especially amid an increasingly tense urban environment in the wake of confrontations with domestic police. And, as always, the tantalizing application in disaster relief paves the way for easy introduction.

(My emphasis added in press release)

DARPA aims to give small unmanned aerial vehicles advanced perception and autonomy to rapidly search buildings or other cluttered environments without teleoperation.

Military teams patrolling dangerous urban environments overseas and rescue teams responding to disasters such as earthquakes or floods currently rely on remotely piloted unmanned aerial vehicles to provide a birds-eye view of the situation and spot threats that cant be seen from the ground. But to know whats going on inside an unstable building or a threatening indoor space often requires physical entry, which can put troops or civilian response teams in danger.


To address these challenges, DARPA issued a Broad Agency Announcement solicitation today for the Fast Lightweight Autonomy (FLA) program. FLA focuses on creating a new class of algorithms to enable small, unmanned aerial vehicles to quickly navigate a labyrinth of rooms, stairways and corridors or other obstacle-filled environments without a remote pilot. The solicitation is available here:

The program aims to develop and demonstrate autonomous UAVs small enough to fit through an open window and able to fly at speeds up to 20 meters per second (45 miles per hour)while navigating within complex indoor spaces independent of communication with outside operators or sensors and without reliance on GPS waypoints.

Birds of prey and flying insects exhibit the kinds of capabilities we want for small UAVs, said Mark Micire, DARPA program manager. Goshawks, for example, can fly very fast through a dense forest without smacking into a tree. Many insects, too, can dart and hover with incredible speed and precision. The goal of the FLA program is to explore non-traditional perception and autonomy methods that would give small UAVs the capacity to perform in a similar way, including an ability to easily navigate tight spaces at high speed and quickly recognize if it had already been in a room before.

If successful, the algorithms developed in the program could enhance unmanned system capabilities by reducing the amount of processing power, communications, and human intervention needed for low-level tasks, such as navigation around obstacles in a cluttered environment. The initial focus is on UAVs, but advances made through the FLA program could potentially be applied to ground, marine and underwater systems, which could be especially useful in GPS-degraded or denied environments.

Urban and disaster relief operations would be obvious key beneficiaries, but applications for this technology could extend to a wide variety of missions using small and large unmanned systems linked together with manned platforms as a system of systems, said Stefanie Tompkins, director of DARPAs Defense Sciences Office. By enabling unmanned systems to learn muscle memory and perception for basic tasks like avoiding obstacles, it would relieve overload and stress on human operators so they can focus on supervising the systems and executing the larger mission.

Since the focus of the program is improving perception and reducing dependence on external sourcesas opposed to designing new small UAVsDARPA will provide performers selected for the program with the same small UAV testbed as government-furnished equipment.



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